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The People's Radio Station from Classic Rock to Country

Listen to all of your classic rock and country favorites any time, anywhere with No Rules Internet Radio. Based in Greater Atlanta area, we broadcast worldwide. Inspired by the last Grand Ole Opry before they became Opry Land, our station focuses on music and programming that actually entertains. In addition to our eclectic playlist, we perform interviews with notable musicians and even get a little crazy by prank calling strangers live on the air.


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Upcoming Talent

In addition to playing your favorite hits, we highlight indie musicians to help them get their start. If you are interested in being featured on our station, contact us immediately.

For Charity

We always welcome donations to help support various charitable organizations throughout the nation. Our owner always has had a strong connection with the community. He was recognized as Volunteer of the Year in 1994 for his contribution to local charities by the Randolph County, Alabama, Chamber of Commerce.